Whether you have WEEE, metal, general waste, or food surplus, we can reduce your bills and deliver real charitable impact.

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Our national prison service is in crisis. Rehabilitation and reoffending are key issues that cost the taxpayer money and add to overcrowding. This is as much a problem for the men and women within the prison system as it is for the people outside of it. With 67% of people released from prison reoffending, it’s clear that something needs to change.

This video shows that there is a way out of this cycle. Men who are committed to change, express the importance that Recycling Lives’ rehabilitation system has had in their lives. By making use of the paid work placements, education and accommodation that Recycling Lives provides, these men have stabilised their lives, rebuilt relationships and become fully functioning members of society. They aren’t looking for pity, they simply want the opportunity to release their potential and become better people.