Whether you have WEEE, metal, general waste, or food surplus, we can reduce your bills and deliver real charitable impact.

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In a world of accelerated technological progress, Flat Panel Display (FPD) TVs are rapidly updating and replacing older models. As a result, we have had to find ways to dispose of the old FPD TVs in a safe and eco-friendly way. Since FPDs contain mercury, a metal which is not only toxic to humans and the environment, but also notoriously difficult to recycle, our solution was to create the first fully dedicated FPD processing centre in England.

This video demonstrates the work we do at our processing centre, which includes a full closed-loop service from collection and transport of FDP waste to dismantling, sorting and processing of different materials. Finally, we process the stripped down FDPs in our one of a kind CCFL clean room, which operates under constant negative pressure to filter out the mercury fumes. Staff also strip the inner panel wearing complete body suits and face masks to protect them.

Our combination of innovation and expertise makes us the leading UK authority in FPD recycling – and the good news doesn’t stop there. Every time you recycle with us, you are also helping to support our social welfare charity, which provides provide free food, accommodation, education, training and work experience to men and women facing difficult social problems.