Whether you have WEEE, metal, general waste, or food surplus, we can reduce your bills and deliver real charitable impact.

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Employment is one of the most important aspects of our lives, it helps sustain a good quality of life, builds skills and confidence, and ensures financial independence. However, as unemployment rates in the UK remain high, it is important to create employment opportunities for men and women who are currently out of work and help them find ways to contribute to society meaningfully.

This video shows all the ways that Recycling Lives social welfare charity helps to provide opportunities to people who might otherwise struggle to find work, such as individuals with criminal records or disabilities. We provide a six-stage plan to help ex-offenders adjust from life in prison to independent living on the outside and have partnered with Shaw Trust to provide work placements for disadvantaged and disabled people in the Preston area. In addition, we work with JHP Employability to help them deliver mandatory work placements to individuals on jobseeker’s allowance.