Level 2 RSPH in Understanding Mental Wellbeing Training Course

About this qualification

The aim of our Level 2 RSPH Understanding Mental Wellbeing qualification is to provide candidates with a knowledge and understanding of the principles of mental wellbeing, the effect of mental wellbeing on the individual and community, and how mental wellbeing can be maintained or improved.

Our mental health and wellbeing qualification offers an understanding of attitudes and beliefs about mental health and wellbeing. It will enable learners to explore theoretical models used to describe mental health and wellbeing and the strategies that may be used to promote the wellbeing of the people in their surrounding community.

Who is it for?

This qualification has been designed specifically for people who work with individuals or families in a health and/or social care setting. This includes people working in local authorities, housing associations, voluntary organisations, sports centres, care homes, colleges or schools.

In short, anyone who is concerned with the mental wellbeing within their community or workplace.

What does this qualification cover?

To achieve this qualification, learners must demonstrate that they:

  • Understand how mental wellbeing affects individuals and communities
  • Understand how mental wellbeing can be improved and maintained
General information

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