First Aid Training Courses

Offering cost-effective First Aid Courses to suit every workplace, our award-winning training department can equip your team with knowledge and skills to handle emergency medical situations.

Why Choose Recycling Lives for Your First Aid Training

Learning to do First Aid at work is an important skill in any workplace, but it’s even more important in high-risk environments such as those found in recycling and waste management sites.

Our award-winning, in-house training department offers cost-effective First Aid courses accredited by the Safety Training Awards (STA) to suit a range of workplace environments.

We offer 1 day First Aid courses designed for low-risk environments like offices and 3 day First Aid courses for medium to high-risk environments like warehouses or construction sites.

Delivered by highly-qualified teachers, our courses equip participants with knowledge and skills to handle emergency medical situations.

The First Aid training courses we provide also support and sustain all our charitable activities, including our Residential Charity. Providing free training, work experience, and accommodation, the Residential Charity aims to support ex-offenders and homeless men into full-time work and an independent lifestyle.

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