Social Value Report 2017/18

Social Value Report

Recycling Lives is changing lives.

We’re rehabilitating offenders, supporting the homeless and redistributing food through our charitable programmes. In doing so, we create social value - which is savings to taxpayer and communities - as well as environmental and financial value from our work. 
Delivering these programmes, we create savings to the taxpayer and communities by reducing reoffending, reducing welfare dependency and reducing costs for charities and community groups. 
We’re committed to creating social value equal to, or greater than, 10% of annual sales – in 2017/18 we exceeded this target once again, creating £8m social value* against sales of more than £70m.
This is on top of the £5.2m social value we created in 2016/17 and £4.1m in 2015/16.

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Rehabilitating offenders

Our HMP Academies offer offenders training and employment in prison, and support to gain work and housing on release – significantly reducing reoffending rates. 
Alan worked with Recycling Lives during his first – and, he vows, last – prison sentence. He started out in an HMP Academy before working on ‘day release’ at our Recycling Park to secure a job. Using money he earned in prison he was able to set up home with his partner and three children on release. 
He is one of 63 men and women rehabilitated in 2017/18, as we recorded a reoffending rate of less than 5% and created £4.5m savings to society.

Supporting the homeless

Our residential charity offers stable accommodation and structured support for men facing homelessness – enabling them to secure work and housing. 
Anthony moved into Recycling Lives’ charity on release from prison. He simply wanted a place to call home. From nine months of structured support, he got much more. He developed his skills, confidence and resilience and gained a wealth of qualifications, allowing him to move into skilled employment and his own home. 
He is one of the dozens of men supported by the charity each year as we supported six men into independent living in 2017/18 and created £167,000 savings to society.

Redistributing food

Our Food Redistribution Centre delivers quality goods to charities and community groups – creating significant savings to their running costs. 
Pendleside Hospice uses goods from Recycling Lives to feed hundreds of patients with life-limiting illnesses. The food can complement treatments or medication. It also saves the charity £20,000 from its annual food bill, allowing it to reinvest in direct patient care and additional support services. 
It is one of 180 charitable groups supported in 2017/18 as we delivered 945,000 meals and created £3.4m savings to society.

*Our social value figures are calculated by a Social Return on Investment practitioner, using government and national metrics around the cost of reoffending, the cost of welfare dependency and the benefits of food redistribution membership.