Social Value Report 2018/19

Together we're Recycling Lives

Bringing together individuals, businesses and charities, our social programmes are changing lives - rehabilitating offenders, supporting the homeless and redistributing food.

For the fourth year running Recycling Lives has created social value worth millions of pounds, creating savings for the taxpayer and communities worth in excess of £11m in 2018/19.

By rehabilitating offenders £7.4m has been saved for central government. Of this year's cohort, 96% have been rehabilitated, reducing the need for prison places.

A further £73,000 has been saved for local government by supporting homeless men and reducing demand for welfare payments.

And by redistributing one million meals hundreds of charitable groups and thousands of individuals have saved £3.5m on their food costs.

Our latest Social Value Report shares the stories of the men, women and communities impacted by our work. Read it in full here:

*Our social value figures are calculated by a Social Return on Investment practitioner, using government and national metrics around the cost of reoffending, the cost of welfare dependency and the benefits of food redistribution membership.