Creating authentic, positive social impact

Recycling Lives' operations deliver more than just environmental and economic impact - they also create tangible social impact from the inside out.

By embedding in local communicates, we're ultimately creating a positive impact on society, helping to facilitate reduction in crime, and increasing cost savings on health & employment services.

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The Impact of our partnerships

We are passionate about helping to improve skill levels across schools, colleges, the justice system & disadvantaged groups, to help them find meaningful and sustainable employment.  We have a wide number of programmes working with each of these groups, as well as supporting the Recycling Lives Charity to actively support those in need, strengthen local communities and help rehabilitate people to live fulfilled lives.


  • 27 individuals supported into independent living
  • + 228 ex-offenders rehabilitated
    and supported into work
  • + 3.2m meals delivered across
    Lancashire & Cumbria
  • = £28.3m reported Social Value -
    created through savings to society

Positive Social Impact

Caring for people and those individuals in disadvantaged groups sits at the heart of Recycling Lives and, together with it’s commitment to the environment, forms the motivation behind everything we do.

Some examples of our social value programs:

  • Released on Temporary License (ROTL) roll-out – this program enables us to work with those reaching the end of their prison sentence and are Released on Temporary License. We support these groups into work across a growing number of UK locations reducing reoffending and providing an invaluable second chance for dozens of men and women annually
  • Extending our reach – as well as our support for those within and leaving the justice system, we work with veterans, people with mental illness, care leavers, and those at risk of entering the justice system as well as a number of other disadvantaged groups to help provide the right opportunities to create stability and self-sufficiency in today’s world
Social Impact
  • Community partnerships – from offering local unemployed groups training and work opportunities, to partnering with schools and colleges we work closely to help develop communities near to our UK side site network
  • Caring for our own staff – we invest heavily in welfare, training, improving diversity and making our operations a rewarding workplace to ensure our own staff are well looked after

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