Our vision

We have grown rapidly since our formation and have ambitious goals for the future. These will see our business grow so that we can deliver increased social impact, continue to improve service to our customers whilst making our operations greener year on year.

Above all, we will continue to strive to do good business, which means success and profitability on a social, environmental & commercial basis.

To lend a flavour of our ambition we provide an insight into some of our key development projects:

  • Strengthening Social - We are extending our social programmes to work with more ex-offenders, offer support to other disadvantaged groups and extend our community partnerships. More info
  • Expanding Environmental initiatives - We will continue to expand our low carbon vehicle fleet, further reduce our scope 1-3 carbon emissions and invest in driving up our recycling rates.
  • Continuously Innovating - We have a pipeline of new innovations underway. These will ensure we recover even more materials from our recycling processes and provide enhanced circular solutions to our clients and wider society.
  • Geographic Expansion - Our footprint will be extended so we can offer our services to increased areas across the country.
  • Digitalisation - We will digitalise more of our processes to increase efficiency and deliver superior customer service.
  • Operational Capability - We are investing in equipment and the training of our teams to deliver continuous operational improvement.