The EA publish guidance on the acceptance, storage and treatment of hazardous waste

The Environment Agency has published guidance on the acceptance, storage and treatment of hazardous waste.  Entitled ‘Review of Incidents at Hazardous Waste Management Facilities (Version 2.7 October 2013)’, the guidance provides a summary of a number of incidents over the past 15 years in a bid to prevent their reoccurrence.

At Recycling Lives, we prioritise compliance with health and safety and environmental regulations in all our operations. We have a dedicated QUESH (Quality, Environment, Safety & Health) department that oversees all of our operations. The QUESH department ensures that all of our departments are working in accordance with regulations.

Regular audits of our sites and processes ensure we maintain the highest level of compliance.

Correct training is key to maintaining safety and compliance. Our award-winning in-house Training Department ensures that all of our staff are given the correct training for their roles before they begin work.

Our excellent health and safety and compliance records demonstrate that we are committed to protecting our staff, the public and the environment.