Shifting huge loads of waste? Recycling Lives is a hop, akip and jump away!

Are you having a major clear-out or transforming your garden? Perhaps you’re a builder doing a big project. Either way, a skip is useful, and Recycling Lives has just what you need!

Sometimes, a lot of things happen at once. Perhaps that spring clean yielded more rubbish than you could possibly have imagined, and it got you thinking about the dusty contents of the garden shed. Then you thought the garden could do with a bit of a transformation, and got cracking with the hedge-trimmer and pick-axe.  The trip or two to the tip that you had planned simply will not suffice.

That’s just at home. Perhaps you’re a builder doing a one-off job or even a huge renovation project. So much waste is produced even on a small job that there’s no way a few dustbins and sacks will be able to cope with it all.

If any of this sounds familiar, then why not hire a skip? It’s a great way to be able to dump massive amounts of waste without having to worry about hiring a van to take it all to the tip, or arranging for someone to come and pick it all up. It will give you a lot more time to get your work done, whether it is a domestic or trade job.

Recycling Lives offers an authorised and approved skip hire service throughout the North West to both commercial and domestic clients. There is a range of skips available, and the knowledgeable and friendly staff will be able to advise you on choosing the skip that is right for your needs. Not only that, but once you have decided, it can be on your doorstep or in your yard on the same day, and if you need it picking up later on that day, that’s also fine by us.

A great feature of our skip hire service is the fact that we recycle up to 100% of the waste that we collect. When you are in the middle of a large project, there is little time to separate different streams of waste, and when you hire a skip from Recycling Lives, there’s no need to bother.

You can segregate the waste if you wish, but we are happy to accept it mixed. Simply dump all your rubble, household waste and whatever else you find into the skip, and when it is collected and taken back to Recycling Lives, we will sort it all out into different streams for recycling.

Better still, because Recycling Lives is a social business, hiring a skip from us means that our social welfare charity benefits. It provides support to people who have been homeless and unemployed, offering them accommodation and employment opportunities.

In addition, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility means that we do everything we can to ensure local employment and training opportunities are provided. If you are a company interested in adding social value to the local community, all you have to do is hire a skip from us, and you are immediately benefiting society.

From Ashton to Wigan and Blackpool to Warton, whether commercial or domestic, Recycling Lives offers a superb skip hire service with the best results for the customer, the community, and the environment. Book your skip now!