Not a fine time for council penalised for wrong waste

Next time you sort out your recycling, make sure you put the right things in the right bins, because you could end up costing the council a lot of money in fines!

This, of course, means that you are essentially hitting yourself in the pocket, since it is your taxes that are used to pay for the collection and processing of materials.

In Rochdale, one to two lorry loads of recycling get rejected every day, and the council is liable for a fine – paid to the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority – every time this happens. This means that, on average, £1500 per day of public money is wasted.

A mere 5% contamination rate is sufficient to mean that a whole load has to be rejected, which means it is exceedingly important to make sure you sort out your recycling properly.

Unsurprisingly, the council is urging local residents to be careful about what goes in which bin. Councillor Jacqui Beswick, Rochdale’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said:

“It’s critical that people recycle right because it costs us a lot as a local authority when people get it wrong and that’s money which could be spent on other services to residents.

“Plastic bags need to go in the dark green refuse bin and it’s even better if people can reuse bags so they don’t have to be thrown away. We’ve also seen examples of people putting all sorts of wacky things in the bin, like old toys, coat hangers, microwaves, garden hosepipes and furniture.”

Whether you live in Rochdale or Rochester, it is important to make proper use of your local authority’s domestic refuse collection service. Contamination is, as the Rochdale situation illustrates, a serious matter, and the costs really do mount up. We hope Rochdalians – and others! – will be even more vigilant when they are sorting out their recycling!

At Recycling Lives, we provide a range of services for people who wish to deal with their waste that cannot go into their recycling bins. We have a Household Waste Recycling Centre, which accepts all kinds of domestic waste, and we operate a same day skip hire service for domestic and commercial customers.

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So if you’re ever tempted to throw something extra into your recycling, think carefully – and think of Recycling Lives for anything you’re unsure about!