Defra waste policy timetable announced

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has published its 2011-15 business plan, timetabling the major waste policy announcements expected over the course of the next year.

David Cameron launched the plan alongside similar business plans for all other government departments.

In the 25 page document, Defra states that it will continue to work to set ‘zero waste’ goals for the period 2014-20, promising to publish those goals by May 2011.

The plan also identifies as a priority the need to support a “strong and sustainable green economy, resistant to climate change”, stating how the department intends to help economic growth while retaining its environmental credentials.

Commercial recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives, is committed to stimulating economic growth while improving the environment and reducing carbon emissions.

This commitment underpins all of Recycling Lives’ business operations.

The commercial arm of the company provides a variety of waste services- recycling scrap metal, WEEE, CRT equipment and end of life vehicles, as well as providing complete waste management solutions.

In a fully ‘closed-loop recycling’ solution, Recycling Lives has developed innovative manufacturing processes in order reuse waste materials, including an extruded I-beam  made from recycled plastic, for use in the construction industry and commercially attractive tiles made from recycled glass.

Recycling Lives has also developed a Carbon Reduction Division, in response to the government’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, which provides a full range of carbon reduction services to home owners and businesses, including consultation, the supply and installation of energy efficient products and materials, and training in the use of this new technology.

Recycling Lives Chief Executive Officer, Charles Jackson, said: “Recycling Lives is deeply committed to improving the environment and stimulating the economy through its business operations. As an award-winning, innovative company, Recycling Lives stands at the forefront of the new green economy.”