Blowing waste out: Shredding for a circular economy

Have you ever had a bad cold and been desperate for a tissue so you can blow your nose? If so, would you ever consider using a confidential document?

This isn’t as daft as it sounds, because although the prospect of using a sheet of A4 paper to avoid the embarrassment of a runny nose would be rather painful, many of us use recycled tissues – which may originate with ordinary paper!

Now, a paper-to-tissue recycling service has been launched using shredded confidential papers, thanks to a collaboration between Sita UK and SCA Hygiene Products, reports Material Recycling World.

Sita UK collects and shreds confidential documents in accordance with the relevant legislation, and they are subsequently processed into tissue for hygiene products that can be used in commercial environments, industry, and even healthcare.

Jerome Mingaz, Head of Secure Shredding, Sita UK, commented on the new scheme:

“This scheme represents the circular economy in its simplest terms, taking something you consider as waste at the end of its life and turning it into a tangible end-product which you can use.”

At Recycling Lives, we are pleased to learn about this collaborative effort which, considering the vast amounts of confidential waste that are produced in organisations throughout the UK, should contribute greatly to the benefit of the environment.

Our own waste management and recycling social business is also dedicated to achieving a circular economy, and we have invested heavily in developing manufacturing processes to turn waste plastics and glass into items that can be used in construction.

Any plastic polymer can be processed to make strong beams for the construction industry, and waste glass can be converted into tiles. These products provide sustainable alternatives to wood and ceramics, respectively, negating the need for new raw materials to be used.

Our commercial operations add further value to society, too, through our funding of a social welfare charity that helps homeless people to find work and accommodation after experiencing life on the streets or being at risk of eviction.

With the charity’s help, these individuals get their lives back on track, taking training courses to boost their knowledge and skills, and going on work placements – which are carried out on our sites, as well as with our corporate partners.

Working with us enables companies to boost their own Corporate Social Responsibility, so if you are a business looking to do your bit towards a circular economy to benefit the environment and help some people in need, choose Recycling Lives for all your waste management needs!