Recycling Lives’ generous donation to Preston deaf school
Recycling Lives has helped these schoolchildren to get back on the road with a donation to buy a new minibus.

Staff at Royal Cross Primary School, in Ashton-on-Ribble, were just £1,000 short of the cash needed to get a new vehicle when their 14-year-old minibus failed its MOT. The vehicle was a lifeline for the school, in use daily to take the 22 pupils, who are all deaf, to activities and therapy classes.

The school contacted Recycling Lives’ scrap car collection service, Scrap Car Network, to enquire about being able to dispose of the minibus free of charge – while Scrap Car Network pays to scrap cars, a charge is levied on larger vehicles.

When staff at Recycling Lives herd of the schoolchildren’s plight, they were keen to help, offering to not only scrap the minibus for free, but also donate the final £1,000 needed.

Operations director Danny Jackson said: “I was immediately hooked on helping the great work the school is doing for these children. Our core values are around creating opportunities and changing lives for communities and this is exactly what we’ve been able to support the school to continue doing with this donation.”

Now pupils will soon be back on the road again, with a new minibus on its way.

Headteacher Beverley Hennefer said: “I’m overwhelmed by Recycling Lives generosity – the £1,000 donation has made such a difference. I can’t say how thankful we are – not just from the children but the teachers and parents as well. We’ve been raising money for years."