Happy Birthday to FareShare Lancashire and Cumbria

This October, we’ve been celebrating a hugely successful year of charity food distribution in Lancashire and Cumbria. Our amazing team have supplied over half a million individual meals to people in need, and they’ve got big plans for more in the future.

The Food Distribution Centre opened its doors in October 2015, and now over seventy charities and community groups come to the depot each week to collect enough fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, cereal and tins to fill a car. This food is used to help those in need across the North West, from homeless people, to children at breakfast clubs, to low income families.

In only its first year of operation, an incredible 220 tonnes of surplus food has come through the warehouse. This food was originally destined for landfill, but thanks to the Food Distribution Centre, it now feeds 5000 vulnerable people every week.

Numbers can’t fully describe the full effect the Centre has on people every day. Here’s what the people at its heart have to say about an incredible first year:

Jeff Green, current centre manager

“Thank you to the volunteers who give their time and their dedication to the cause and to Claire Dallison who, for the first 10 months did an absolutely fantastic job of managing the centre and made the transition for me much easier than it might have been. As we move into year 2 it is important for everyone to keep focus as we expand into Cumbria and further develop Lancashire.”

Claire Dallison, former centre manager

“Lancashire and Cumbria have some of the most deprived areas in the UK, with many experiencing food poverty. Yet we also have many fantastic charities and groups who are passionate about tackling this poverty and supporting those who need help. It is truly humbling to see what people are doing to help others who have faced hardship.”

Tony Moss, warehouse supervisor

“I can’t believe it’s been a full year. The progress we have made has been fantastic and almost unrecognisable. It’s really humbling meeting the CFMs and finding out the work they do at the sharp end. It really motivates me to do a good job.”

Louise, community food member

“Being part of FareShare enables us to put on events that we wouldn’t otherwise have the budget for and makes a big difference to quality of the lives of our customers. Your team being so friendly, approachable and accommodating to last minute requests make my life as the organiser so much easier.”

Christine, community food member

“This is brilliant. We go every week to collect food for our community, and it’s a lifeline for families on low income and for our vulnerable adults. The staff and volunteers that work there are wonderful people and we are becoming very good friends. Thanks for what you do.”

Steve Jackson, founder and CEO of Recycling Lives

“What an amazing achievement by the employees and Residents at Recycling Lives. It staggers me that we’ve delivered in excess of 500,000 food portions in our first year of operation, and even more so that there is this demand in the 21st-century. I’m very proud that our recycling business has been able to devise and fund such a wonderful social enterprise.”

The Food Distribution Centre aims to support as many people as possible in Lancashire and Cumbria. If you are a charity or community groups in Lancashire or Cumbria that uses food to support vulnerable people, please get in touch with Jeff Green at 01772 665958.