Upcycling in Wimbledon: Making good use of the things that they find!

An event to promote environmentally friendly efforts in Wimbledon is being held by some locals – and before you ask: no, it’s not The Wombles!

In fact, they are Transition Town Wimbledon, a grassroots group of sustainability conscious humans who live in the famous South London area. But Great Uncle Bulgaria and his eco-friendly chums from Wimbledon Common would be proud of them, with their events, craft groups, and community gardens for growing vegetables.

Their latest event, “Upcycling Wimbledon”, is going ahead on Saturday 20th April at St. Mark’s Church. It will feature an “Upcycling Fair” and a “Festival Of Green Ideas”. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s see exactly what will be going on!

The Upcycling Fair will offer people advice on how to reuse old, unwanted goods, converting them into something better. Those wanting to know all about making and mending clothes, as well as growing their own food, will find it very useful.

The Festival will give locals the opportunity to tell everyone about the things they are doing for the environment, and take part in a sustainability workshop. Rachel Phelan, Principal Community Engagement Officer at Merton Council, Wimbledon’s borough, is clearly impressed by Transition Town Wimbledon. She told the SW Londoner:

“They play a valuable role in making Merton a more sustainable place and are often unsung heroes, voluntarily giving their time and bundles of energy!”

Recycling Lives is also impressed by Transition Town Wimbledon’s efforts, and wishes them a successful Upcycling Fair! As a social business in the field of waste management and recycling, we are constantly involved in helping people and businesses to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste, providing a range of services to make this happen.

To ensure the best possible outcomes, we invest in innovative practices to provide solutions to waste management problems. For example, we turn waste plastic into material that can be used to make beams for use in the construction industry. Tiles are also made out of crushed, recycled glass, and provide an attractive alternative to ceramic or granite tiles.

Our social business is also dedicated to sustaining charity through metal and waste recycling. We operate a social welfare charity that supports homeless people to find work and accommodation. The charity has recently opened a healthy eating cafe as a social enterprise, and staff and Residents are looking into growing produce on site to cook and sell.

The cafe is an exciting new development for the social business. With the work and training opportunities available through it, it adds social value to the local economy and the community, clearly demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility!