UK Poverty map shows Recycling Lives is on target

According to a poverty data map on The Guardian website, Hyndburn – where Recycling Lives plans to open its second centre – is the second most disadvantaged region in the country.

The map was created for The Guardian by information services provider, Experian, whose Mosaic UK tool offers an in-depth look at UK demographic data. According to the map, Hyndburn is the second most deprived local authority area in the country, with 30% of its population – 10,248 households – on the brink of poverty.

In an era marred by economic and social recessions, thousands of people in the UK are struggling to keep their head above water. With banks cracking down on lending and property prices creeping ever higher, many individuals are finding it tough to establish a secure and steady life. In areas of the UK where educational inequalities exist, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Recycling Lives is based in the heart of North West, in Preston’s traditionally low-income industrial heart. A trusted and well-known company in the recycling and waste management sector, Recycling Lives believes in knowing its community. We deal with large and small firms alike and our branches across the North West give private and commercial clients easy access to our award-winning facilities.

As an organisation that helps some of society’s most disadvantaged people, Recycling Lives couldn’t be better placed. We have strong links with the local educational bodies, who understand the needs of those who are perhaps returning to education after years of negative experiences. Our strong ties to the local probation service, the nearby Citizen’s Advice Bureau and the council mean that our network is strong. Often, all our Residents need is the right opportunity to turn their lives around – by staying close to the heart of disadvantaged communities, we’re perfectly positioned to give them one.

Recycling Lives is already planning its second centre, which will hopefully be based in Hyndburn. The Guardian’s poverty map has underlined the urgent need for intervention in this trouble-stricken area of the UK and we are committed to offering a solution that works. Our six-stage residential programme, accessible to anyone who is ready to work their way back to independent living, offers practical solutions to common problems, all delivered within a supportive environment. Residents are challenged on a daily basis, learning everything from first aid skills to how to serve up a nutritious and tasty meal in a hygienic environment, but they are always encouraged to make progress at their own pace. There’s no right or wrong, only solutions.

The Recycling Lives charity model was mentioned in the Government’s white paper this year, and praised as a working third sector solution. We’re keen to expand our facilities and give the disadvantaged communities of Hyndburn a local champion to look to when times get tough. We have a proven track record of helping socially marginalised individuals to get their lives and careers back on the straight and narrow by tapping into individual needs and local opportunities.

We’re proud to be part of Preston, and we’re confident that we’ll soon be busy at the heart of Hyndburn, too.