Things are getting busy on the FPD department

As Recycling Lives takes on more and more display screen recycling contracts, the company’s FPD department is getting busier by the day! The department has developed considerably since it first opened last year and, under the supervision of manager Neil Dallison, is looking set to grow further.

The department now has over 2,500 flat panel parts listed for sale on its eBay shop, and is even in the process of developing its own instruction video, helping people to identify common faults in flat panel display units. The video will be available to watch on YouTube soon, as well as via our website and the Recycling Lives eBay shop page.

Development Manager, Dave Allen, has used his WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) industry contacts to win a contract from Viridor which will bring in an extra 20 to 30 tonnes of flat panels every month – an extra 5,000 units! The deal with Viridor will also see Recycling Lives selling Viridor large quantities of small mixed WEEE, collected from a number of its other contracts. This reciprocal deal, which started in December last year, has real benefits for both parties: Viridor are able to feed additional material to their state-of-the-art WEEE processing plant, while Recycling Lives receives additional flat panel display units to feed its dedicated processing line. It’s a win-win situation!