The world’s biggest coffee morning

Recycling Lives corporate partners, New Reg Ltd and Vincents Cafe have been baking and brewing up for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in support of cancer charity, Macmillan.

The event, held on the 28th September, was organised by Susan from New Reg Ltd, a leading provider of personalised number plates. The company is based at the Recycling Lives Centre on Essex Street.

Delicious treats were baked for the Coffee Morning, with Susan, Rachel, Jan and Stephanie from New Reg, as well as Derek from Vincent’s Café and Cath from Recycling Lives (who came in on her day off!), providing some calorific goodies for the event.

Visitors tickled their taste-buds with some Millionaire’s Shortbread, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Chocolate Covered Buns, Strawberry Cream Scones and Victoria Sponge, among other delights – word spread quickly about the delights for sale and soon sweet-toothed staff and residents from the local area were pouring into Vincent’s Café on the ground floor of the Recycling Lives Centre to see what they could get for their money!

The Coffee Morning raised a spectacular £179.45 for Macmillan Cancer Support and added a good few inches to the waists of some Preston residents – perhaps time for a few of them to get doing a sponsored walk!

It was also great opportunity for staff at Recycling Lives, which runs its own social welfare charity, to dig deep into their pockets. It’s also been a brilliant chance to welcome members of the local community into the Recycling Lives Centre for another vibrant event.

Susan commented on why supporting Macmillan was so important to her:

“My mum has had breast cancer twice, and the Macmillan nurses were always the first point of contact – both after diagnosis and whenever they were needed after that. Mum said they were great….even though they shouted at her for not telling us she had cancer!”

A huge thank you to New Reg Ltd for providing staff to host the event, Vincents Café for facilitating the event as well as anyone else who helped out and all those who came along to The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning and spent their money in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support!