The Pinnacle in car Spares Supply

Autobreakers, Recycling Lives’ subsidiary company specialising in used car parts and spares, has just undergone a free upgrade of its Pinnacle system.

The new system, called Pinnacle Pro, has many new features which will improve the running of the department. It will hugely reduce the amount of paperwork for the Autobreakers staff as it is no longer necessary to print work orders for parts, as these can be seen and listed on the system for the dismantlers.

This will also enable the warehouse to see which parts are needed “live” without having to wait for orders on paper to be brought through to them.

The new system also features a shipping manager to handle the dispatch of the parts across the country better.

Additionally, there is an upgraded automatic pricing module which will save time in pricing the parts and ensure Autobreakers’ prices are always competitive. The sales staff will be able to access information more quickly and will be able to get prices on parts from other pinnacle users without having to phone them. There is more and better information contained within the software which will enable us to analyse the stock better and buy the cars and parts our customers are looking for.