Talking renewable energy

A Recycling Lives spokesman has conducted a one day training seminar with staff from the North West Energy Saving Trust.

Steve Lauri, Recycling Lives Retrofit Carbon Reduction Manager, focused his seminar on the benefits of renewable energy technology including solar thermal, solar PV, heat pumps and wind turbines.

Steve said: “The awareness of this new technology is a major part of future development for the Energy Saving Trust and Envirolink North West. It allows them to discuss their client’s renewable energy requirements and impartially offer them advice on the most efficient product.”

The seminar also promoted the importance of Carbon reduction.

Envirolink North West Regional micro-generation business development manager, Saray Cruz said: “The benefits of the renewable energy presentation will form a major part of our new development with Recycling Lives over the coming months. We will work closely with them to influence business partners in the North West to take up our total solutions package to reduce carbon emissions and self generation for energy.”

Recycling Lives will be conducting many seminars and training sessions across the North West to organisations looking for carbon reduction and energy generation.