St George’s shopping centre supports Recycling Lives

St George’s shopping centre in the heart of Preston has teamed up with local recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives, to find a new eco-friendly waste management solution for the disposal of surplus coat hangers.

The shopping centre, which boasts an impressive sustainability agenda, works tirelessly  to incorporate environmentally sound solutions into every area of its day to day operations – from eco retrofits and energy assessments on individuals premises through to energy saving technology  in the lighting and heating systems across the centre.

The team at St George’s arranged for Recycling Lives to assist in the disposal of surplus coat hangers, which had been collected following a successful promotional campaign by the shopping centre to recycle clothing. St George’s shopping centre has been proactive in raising awareness on the number of coathangers sent to landfill each year in the UK, which exceeds 100 million.

Keen to help in the responsible disposal of the hangers a team from Recycling Lives visited St George’s in a specialist seven and a half tonne transport vehicle to transfer the hefty hangers, comprising large amounts of metal and plastic. The team then transported the waste to the Recycling Lives Preston centre – which achieves a 94% recycling rate – for recycling.

Recycling Lives is a unique company with an imaginative approach to environmental and social responsibility. The company’s commercial ventures, which include metal recycling, computer recycling and eco-friendly skip hire and tyre bay services, support and fund the Recycling Lives social welfare charity. The charity offers free accommodation, education, work experience and training opportunities to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and gives these people a chance to rebuild their lives.

While collecting and recycling coat hangers may seem like a mundane task, it means much more to Recycling Lives. On this occasion, one of the organisation’s Residents was able to accompany the collection team to the St George’s Shopping Centre and aid them in loading, transporting and processing the unwanted hangers in an efficient, skilled and environmentally sound way.

Recycling Lives provides first class commercial services with a socially-minded twist. By working with a variety of businesses and organisations, the organisation is able to provide its Residents with a range of work experience opportunities and help them to develop their self confidence and employability.  Thanks to the environmentally and socially aware attitudes of so many Preston businesses, such as St George’s Shopping Centre, Recycling Lives’ award-winning recycling and social welfare services are in greater demand than ever before.