Six steps towards localisation

The government’s Department for Communities and Local Government have published on their website six essential actions that they hope will help to create a new decentralised Britain, where power once again belongs to the people. The ‘six steps to localisation’ were drafted by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Minister for Decentralisation, Greg Clark and signal the beginning of the coalition government’s new era of people power.

In line with its Big Society agenda, the government is promoting a radical shift of power from the politicians to the people, placing decisions into the hands of community members in the hope of fostering a spirit of freedom, responsibility and social engagement.

The Localism Bill, which passed through parliament this week, provides the legislative foundation for putting power back into the hands of communities and sets out six steps that central government will need to take in order to implement the shift towards a Big Society culture. These steps include changes to behaviour, expectation, and culture, working hand in hand with the legal changes proposed in the Bill.

Speaking about the Localism Bill, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said:

“Instead of taking more power for the Government, the Localism Bill will give power away. This Bill, as this guide sets out, marks the beginning of a power shift away from central government to the people, families and communities of Britain.”

At Recycling Lives, we know how important it is for communities to regain the power and control within their own region, which is why we’re developing and enhancing our latest social enterprise, BulkyWaste.

The service, which has already been rolled out across Preston, offers residents of the city the chance to dispose of their large, unwanted items in a more socially and environmentally responsible way. Our team will collect any non-hazardous waste, and we aim to meet recycling and reuse rates of at least 60 per cent. As many Local Authority collection services transport any large items directly to landfill, this is a huge step forward for local environmental issues and gives community members the chance to shape their own areas.

Customers can now book a collection from our BulkyWaste team via the dedicated BulkyWaste website. By simply choosing their location, specifying which items they wish to dispose of and selecting a collection time, customers can arrange the removal of their large unwanted items, such as old televisions, fridge freezers and bathtubs, in the knowledge that the materials will be recycled.

In addition to the environmental benefits from the BulkyWaste Service, the campaign aims to improve the lives of marginalised and vulnerable individuals within local areas. Any good quality items that we collect are refurbished and sold on to low-income families at a discount price, enabling them to purchase items that many of us take for granted but may, normally, be beyond their spending power.

We also offer much-needed training and work experience placements on the scheme, to individuals who have been unemployed over a long period of time. Working with us helps these people to enhance their CV and, ultimately, improve their chances of finding long-term employment.

We now hope to work with Local Authorities to develop the BulkyWaste scheme across the UK. At Recycling Lives, we believe in the importance of making a change within communities and our ethical, environmental and sustainable BulkyWaste scheme is just one small step towards doing that.