Shaw Trust referee Peter joins Recycling Lives team

Recycling Lives are pleased to welcome Peter to the FPD team as a full-time member of the Recycling Lives family!

Having been referred to us by Shaw Trust, which assists disabled people in finding employment, Peter sailed through his interview and successfully underwent induction training earlier this year. Whilst undertaking training at the Walton Summit depot, Peter carried out a range of duties and recycling activities as well as learning how to use the cropping machine and forklift truck.

Peter’s experience in computing, combined with his work ethic, meant that he was a great candidate for a role in our FPD department. As soon as a vacancy arose, we were pleased to offer Peter the position.

Since joining the FPD department Peter has continued to impress and has even taken on additional duties. In addition to dismantling FPDs and testing them for parts, Peter is now also responsible for adding items to our eBay listing and picking and packing them ready for delivery.

The support Peter received from Shaw Trust enabled him to prepare for his initial interview with us and ultimately helped him secure a full time permanent role with Recycling Lives. The not-for-profit organisation helps disabled and disadvantaged people find employment opportunities as well as helping them to gain life skills and live independently.

By helping Peter to manage his travel arrangements to and from work and ensuring he had appropriate clothing for both his interview, Shaw Trust helped Peter to gain confidence and secure a position in the Recycling Lives FPD department.

At Recycling Lives we’re always keen to help and support other charities and charitable organisations whenever we can. In addition to support external charities, we also sustain the Recycling Lives social welfare charity.

The Recycling Lives social welfare charity helps homeless people, ex-offenders, ex-armed forces personal, people with disabilities and the unemployed by providing accommodation as well as training opportunities and work placements.

The work placements we offer, and those that we arrange on behalf of Residents, help them to gain real-life practical work experience and help to increase self-confidence and self-esteem. As Peter’s story shows, work experience often leads to full time employment so we endeavour to help our Residents secure a work placement in their chosen industry.

Already keen to undertake further training in customer service, Peter is flourishing in his new role and is a welcome addition to the team.

Neil Dallison, Warehouse Manager, commented on Peter’s new role, saying:

“Pete has already shown good initiative and is clearly a very intelligent individual. He has a very good attitude to work and I trust he will continue to be an asset to the FPD department.”

So, congratulations to Pete and the FPD department – seems like a good match for everyone involved!