Report reveals that 81% of people prefer to buy from sustainable sellers

An independent study commissioned by SmartestEnergy reveals that consumers are increasingly favouring brands with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The study reveals that 4 out of 5 people describe themselves as likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability. This clearly demonstrates a development in consumer attitudes towards companies’ approach to the environment; 90% of people agree that it is vital that society becomes more energy-conscious.

However, despite finding considerable consumer interest in environmental issues, the study reveals that 45% of consumers are unaware of practises which consumer brands have adopted to encourage environmental sustainability. Companies are therefore either not executing eco-friendly practices, or not adequately publicising their environmental impact.

This research has significant implications for businesses in the UK; the study outlines a change in consumer behaviour, towards favouring companies who have a positive approach towards environmental sustainability. Furthermore, although consumers express a desire to choose sustainable brands, they report a lack of knowledge about the sustainability practises adopted by consumer brands. Thus, to remain competitive, it is important for businesses to not only adopt environmentally sustainable practises, but to ensure that they communicate this to potential customers.

87% of consumers want brands to act now to encourage future sustainability; that’s where we come in.
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