Renault Electric Truck Trial

Waste recycling specialist Recycling Lives has recently trialled an all-electric vehicle from Renault Trucks as part of a strategic move towards zero-carbon transport solutions across the business.

The 16-tonne D16 ZE truck is being employed in daily operations at the 15-acre Recycling Park in Preston to evaluate its performance as the base for specialist new skip handling vehicles to replace the existing fleet as the business develops advanced circular economy solutions.

Recycling Lives will feed performance data back to Renault Trucks as part of the trial agreement to assist the vehicle manufacturer in refining its products for UK and international commercial vehicle markets.

Recycling Lives, along with its partner Recycling Lives Charity is recognised as a UK leader in circular economy solutions that support and sustain charity programmes for offender rehabilitation, residential support and food redistribution. Already a key player in this sector, the company operates through 18 sites across the UK and has ambitious expansion plans.

Gerry Marshall, CEO of Recycling Lives explained: “Recycling Lives is committed to reducing its carbon footprint as the company evolves to offer more circular economy solutions.  Transitioning our transport fleet from conventional to electric vehicles and more sustainable fuel solutions is a key element in that transition.

“Our transport team have been putting the Renault truck through its paces, and assessing its effectiveness as a future base for our specialist skip handling fleet and other potential fully electric vehicle applications.  Our future plans include generating our own electricity and developing other green fuel sources, along with creating power storage facilities using second life batteries, so an EV element is a natural option for our future fleet requirements.”

The Renault Trucks D Z.E. can cover up to 150 miles on a single charge with zero tailpipe emissions and low traffic noise.  The vehicle trialled was a 4x2 rigid featuring a box body, supplied and fitted by Bevans, with a tail lift.  Powered by a 265kWh battery, the motor delivers up to 250PS and 425Nm of torque. The ZE reduction gearbox offers two forward speeds and one reverse. 
It is equipped with a 22kW on board AC charger and is compatible with DC fast charging up to 150kW. The vehicle comes with Renault Trucks’ Battery Performance Promise which guarantees battery operation for up to 10 years, delivering 300MW of energy over the vehicle’s life.

Carlos Rodrigues, Managing Director of Renault Trucks UK & Ireland, commented: “The Renault Trucks D Z.E. answers today’s pressing need to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution in our towns and cities.  Our electric vehicles are already delivering emission-free service on UK roads, and we are looking forward to receiving the feedback from Recycling Lives as they test the vehicle for their requirements. We welcome Recycling Lives’ commitment to a zero carbon transport future and look forward to being a strategic partner with them as they lead the recycling sector forward in sustainability.”

Andrew Hodgson, Recycling Lives Chairman concludes, “Carbon reduction across our vehicle fleet, site operations, through recycling efficiency improvement and across our entire supply chain is vital to the future of Recycling Lives. We’re grateful to Renault to letting us trial this advanced vehicle and look forward to announcing further exciting steps as we further strengthen our environmental credentials.”