Recycling WEEE boosts social value

A recycling campaign in a West Midlands town showed people how to recycle their old radios and toasters – and how being environmentally friendly is good for charity!

Monday 25th February was the first day of Walsall Council’s Recycling Week, which was held at a town centre shopping mall, the Saddlers Centre. The campaign aimed to raise public awareness of the facilities that the Council offers at its two Household Waste Recycling Centres.

The Council paid particular attention to waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), inviting compliance experts Advantage Waste Brokers to provide information to the public on how to recycle electrical and electronic items they no longer need. Since 1st January, Advantage Waste Brokers have been handling all the compliance regulations regarding WEEE for Walsall, ensuring through their robust systems and procedures that such items are disposed of in a legal and environmentally sustainable way.

At the event, information about WEEE recycling was supplied on banners and leaflets, and for two days, two of the company’s staff members were on hand to answer questions from the public. A bring bank could not be set up, unfortunately; however, people could still take small items of WEEE to Advantage Waste Brokers’ stand. Handing over an unwanted item guaranteed entry into a raffle, and the prize was an eco-friendly £20 in shopping vouchers!

Recycling Lives has been contracted by Advantage Waste Brokers to collect and recycle all the WEEE at Walsall’s two HWRCs, so some information on its work was also presented to Saddlers Centre visitors during the campaign. Vicky Bloor, Education Officer at Walsall Council’s Environment Depot, praised Advantage Waste Brokers’ work in engaging the citizens of Walsall:

“Advantage Waste Brokers have shown fantastic support to Walsall Council in the promotion of their recycling services to the public. During a recycling promotion week they supplied information on the services they provide as well as a presence at the Saddlers Centre as the council promoted their waste management services. Thank you for the help you have given!”

Recycling Lives echoes Ms Bloor’s view, extending our own thanks to Advantage Waste Brokers for bringing our services on board. In doing so, they can be assured of our adherence to all their systems and procedures that are geared towards full compliance with WEEE regulations for Walsall.

They will also be able to boost their own Corporate Social Responsibility agenda through working in partnership with the Recycling Lives social business. We have enshrined our commitment to boosting the social value of an area within our policies and procedures, making sure that everything we do benefits local economies, the environment, and society. We constantly strive for innovative solutions in waste management, and implement them to positive effect.

Recycling Lives also runs a social welfare charity that provides support to homeless people, helping them to find accommodation and employment as part of a holistic support plan to get them on a path back to independence. Much of the WEEE recycling in Walsall will be carried out by people the charity supports, which means that complying with regulations will benefit people in need.