Recycling scheme success costs council less

Aylsebury Vale’s household recycling collection scheme is such a success that there is far less need for local residents to use alternative methods of domestic waste disposal.

People in the Buckinghamshire local authority area have been able to deposit paper and cardboard at the local authority-run banks for several years, following their implementation during a time when there was less recyclable material collected from people’s homes.

Today, there is a full recycling collection service available, which has more than doubled the recycling rates. Residents no longer need to make trips to the banks, which now receive a small fraction of the total recyclable material in the area, so some are to be phased out.

The local authority’s Cabinet Member for Environment and Health, Councillor Sir Beville Stanier, said:

“This reduction in use means that some recycling banks are proving to be an inefficient service to continue to provide.

“The cost of maintaining the containers now far outweighs the benefits of the banks due to the small amounts of recycling that they produce. For this reason some recycling banks will now be withdrawn.”

Collectors will take excess paper and card if it is put in clear bags beside residents’ blue-lidded bins when they are put out on collection day. Alternatively, people can take paper and cardboard to their local household waste recycling centre.

The council will make significant savings by removing the banks, which cost more than £150,000 per year to manage. Since local authorities throughout the UK are experiencing difficult financial times, this will surely be a welcome development for Aylesbury Vale.

The provision of glass recycling banks within the area is also to be reviewed by the council; as with paper and cardboard, there has been a reduction in deposits, and collection costs are substantial.

Recycling Lives is pleased that residents have been making use of the household collection services provided by their local authority. Clearly, it is more convenient to separate recyclable waste into bins at home than it is to drive to a collection bank. In addition to saving the council money, it will cost residents less money and cut down emissions.

Household Waste Recycling Centres provide a useful alternative for those who wish to use them, and Recycling Lives is glad that Aylesbury Vale residents have this option. Our Recycling Lives Centre in Preston is a Household Waste Recycling Centre, and our other centres can take many different types of waste, including scrap metal, plastics, and glass.

Our social business activities also fund the Recycling Lives social welfare charity, which supports homeless and unemployed people to find work and accommodation. In addition, we operate Community Dotcom schemes that collect waste from people’s homes, including bulky items, unwanted furniture, and scrap cars!