Recycling Lives Tyre Bay offers motorists free winter checks

Staff at the Recycling Lives Tyre Bay are offering free winter checks to motorists to make sure they’re safe when they’re out and about in the cold weather.

From now until the end of February, specially trained members of staff at the Recycling Lives Tyre Bay, located on Great Hannover Street, will be on hand to carry out full winter safety checks for motorists and offer advice on how drivers can stay safe on the roads during dark and icy conditions.

The checks, which are completely free, will include tyre depth and pressure measurements, brake tests, including pads, discs, shoes and drums, exhaust function tests, and fluid level reviews to ensure that motorists have enough oil, screen-wash and coolant.

Staff members will be on hand to answer any questions motorists might have about improving their car’s condition over the winter months, and a wide range of discounted services including tyre replacement and fitting, puncture repair and battery replacements will be available as always.

Operations Director, Alasdair Jackson, commented:

“The AA estimates that 20% more motorists will break down this winter due to colder temperatures and harsher weather conditions.

“For their own safety, and that of other road users, motorists need to make sure their vehicles are in top condition before venturing out. And, while many auto-repair companies are charging for their winter checks, we’re offering ours for free so that motorists really do have no reason not to stay safe.”

So, if you’re in and around the Preston area and you haven’t already had your car checked for winter safety, why not stop by the Recycling Lives Tyre Bay and talk to one of our team members? We’re happy to help!