Recycling Lives take an innovative approach to recruitment

Recycling Lives’ HR and Training department has taken the forward-thinking step of implementing work trials, complete with integrated training session, to help combine its recruitment process with a means of spreading new skills to the local community.

This innovative approach has already been used with great success for individuals hoping to move position within Recycling Lives – both applicant and department have the opportunity to see whether the move will be beneficial in the long-run. This is the first time, however, that the one-day work trial has been used by Recycling Lives to assess external candidates.

The position in question on this occasion was a dismantling role at the heart of Recycling Lives’ state-of-the-art flat panel display unit (FPD) processing centre, which garnered a great deal of attention in industry press publications when it opened last year. Six applicants were short-listed for the job, and each of these individuals was invited to attend a one-day work trial.

The trials, which included a thorough Health and Safety induction, an introduction to manual handling skills and an overview of the FPD site procedures, was designed to give applicants a chance to show their suitability for the demanding role, and a realistic, hands-on introduction into life as a member of the Recycling Lives team.

Neil Dallison, the manager of the FPD department, worked with the training team to create a realistic mock-up of the environment that the successful applicant would be working in as part of the FPD dismantling team. The candidates were set up with work benches, all the necessary dismantling equipment and the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to keep them safe as they worked. They were then set to work dismantling 15 FPD units according to guidance given by department staff, and under the watchful eye of the department manager. The candidates all did their best to impress, and to show that they had the skills needed to become an FPD dismantler: attention to detail, a commitment to working according to the strictest standards and a quick and thorough approach to their work.

Once the manual part of the trial was complete, Neil Dallison, and Sidonie Richardson, from the training and HR team, held interviews with the candidates to find out a bit more about them and to gather their feedback on how they felt the work trials had gone.

In a positive twist, each one of the six applicants had managed to impress Recycling Lives staff to the extent that they were all offered full-time positions within the company. While no one can tell what the future holds, and not every work trial can lead to a job offer, Recycling Lives is proud of its pro-active approach to recruitment and feels that a work trial complete with introductory training sessions from its award-winning team offers candidates a worthwhile experience, a vital insight into life in the recycling industry, and a quality training session to add to their CVs.