Recycling Lives support Greater Manchester Police in fighting scrap metal theft

Police in the Greater Manchester area are urging scrap metal dealers to sign up to a new scheme which aims to tackle rising levels of scrap metal theft.
Following Operation Alloy last year, which saw incidents of metal theft in Greater Manchester reduced by almost 50%, the new initiative will see scrap metal dealers who get involved given the details and photographs of convicted metal thieves and vehicles that are suspected of being involved in the transportation of stolen metal.

Chief Inspector Julian Snowball, who is heading up the operation, commented:
“To expect a total reduction is unrealistic, but I want to see further reduction on the 48% and that will ultimately be seen as a success.

“Combined, there are about 240 scrap metal dealers and auto salvage yards [in Greater Manchester] and about 100 of those are scrap metal dealers. I don’t know how many will sign up but we’d happily work with all of them.”

The new scheme is called Business Against Metal Theft Initiative. Businesses that sign up must agree not to share the information they are given by the police with anyone who does not work at the site. They must also keep the police informed if they are approached.

This latest initiative, which will hopefully raise the profile of reputable scrap metal dealers in the North West, wins the support of Recycling Lives. Last year, the company took part in Lancashire’s Operation Starling – a similar regional crackdown on scrap metal theft – and welcomed a team from the local police service, along with cameras from BBC’s Panorama. Recycling Lives was – we’re happy to say – given a clean bill of health during the inspection and continues to run its scrap metal service to the highest standards.

As Recycling Lives Operations Director, Alasdair Jackson, commented at the time, initiatives like Operation Starling, Operation Alloy and the latest scheme in Greater Manchester help to elevate the status of the reputable scrap metal dealers who make every effort to adhere to industry legislation such as the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964.

Recycling Lives is a family-run organisation, with over 40 years’ experience in the scrap metal industry. The company owns a number of sites in and around Preston, all of which are run to the highest standards, with arrivals recorded on CCTV and data collected and stored for later review. With the recent boom in scrap metal thefts tarnishing the reputation of the scrap metal industry, Recycling Lives welcomes any initiatives that will help to make the sector a safer and more secure industry for customers and businesses alike