Recycling Lives reminds local residents about TV recycling

Following London’s switchover to digital transmission last week, local recycler and waste management firm, Recycling Lives, is re-iterating the importance of recycling old analogue TV sets rather than sending them to landfill.

While the digital switchover took place in 2009 here in the North West, many households will still have old TV sets lying around, perhaps gathering dust in the attic or garage. And, as spring cleaning season gets into full swing, Recycling Lives – one of the North West’s leading Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recyclers – is encouraging householders to bring their unwanted electronics to one of the company’s local recycling plants for environmentally friendly processing.

Recycling Lives’ Commercial Development Manager, Dave Allen, commented:

“With all the recent talk about the digital switchover in the capital, householders might remember that they’ve got an old analogue TV lying around somewhere and decide that it’s time to get rid. What we’re encouraging people to do is to bring their old telly down to one of our local recycling plants, where it can be broken down and recycled properly rather than being dumped in a landfill site.

“Television sets that end up in landfill can often leak dangerous chemicals such a lead, mercury and arsenic into the surrounding soil and water sources, which is bad news all round. Recycling Lives is happy to take TVs free of charge, and make sure they’re dealt with properly.”

Recycling Lives is a Queen’s Award-winning commercial recycler and has been recognised for its innovative processing methods. Adhering to all the latest environmental legislation, the company achieves an impressive >99% recycling rate and prioritises reuse over recycling, further improving its environmental credentials.

Last year, Recycling Lives launched England’s first dedicated flat panel display unit processing centre, which, with its isolated mercury cabins and state-of-the-art technology, allows for reuse, recycling and safe disposal of LCD TV screens. The new processing centre, which was developed following years of academic and industry research, has attracted a great deal of attention and has strengthened the company’s reputation as an industry-leading recycler.

Find out more about Recycling Lives’ WEEE recycling department or contact Recycling Lives for more information.