Recycle your car - No matter where you are

Recycling and waste management firm, Recycling Lives, have introduced a new scheme which aims to enable people to dispose of their unwanted vehicles ethically and efficiently.

Scrap Car Network is aimed at members of the public who wish to arrange a scrap car collection. In addition to paying a great price for the vehicle, the Scrap Car Network will arrange for a local collection partner to pick up the vehicle at a convenient date and time.

With increasing numbers of vehicles being dumped or left in hazardous area, Scrap Car Network is a welcome initiative for those struggling to get rid of their unwanted cars.

In addition to providing members of the public with competitive quotes for their cars, Scrap Car Network helps sustain local charities and charitable organisations. As a Community Dotcom scheme, Scrap Car Network runs alongside other schemes such as the Furniture Donation Network, Bulky Waste and the Car Donation Network which aim to provide a much needed service to the public whilst supporting charities.

As well as supporting local charities, using Scrap Car Network also helps to support the Recycling Lives social welfare charity which helps homeless men aged 25 and over return to independent living and end the cycle of homelessness.

Although the cars sold via Scrap Car Network are often sold on, if a car isn’t in driveable or saleable condition, its parts are sold and the rest of the vehicle is then scrapped. As Scrap Car Network is operated by recycling and waste management firm, Recycling Lives, users can be sure that their vehicle is disposed of ethically.

In addition to using the latest technology to recycling effectively Recycling Lives is committed to using a closed loop recycling system meaning every part and component is fully recycling wherever possible.

With new legislation regarding the scrap metal industry being recently introduced, it’s important that firms are equipped to deal with changes to the industry. Recycling Lives and Scrap Car Network fully comply with the new legislative requirements and work hard to ensure vehicles are recycling as ethically as possible and in an environmental friendly manner.

For drivers looking for a great price for their unwanted vehicles, Scrap Car Network provides an easy solution to disposing of a vehicle. If you’d like to know how much you could receive by deciding to recycle your car or obtain a quote, simply contact Scrap Car Network today.