Recycling Lives: helping people back into work

The Recycling Lives Preparation for Employment scheme has helped a large number of individuals return to full-time employment over the last few months.

As a commercial recycler with over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we use the success of our commercial operations to sustain the work of our social welfare charity, which offers training, education and work to long-term unemployed and homeless individuals.

Our Preparation for Employment (P4E) course is designed to align with schemes such as Future Jobs Fund – a former government-run initiative helping unemployed young people to get back into work.  The P4E course provides individuals with training and six month work placements in a relevant industry. Since its launch, 112 people have been involved in the FJF scheme with 75 people having completed the programme and an impressive 48 of those have secured full-time positions at Recycling Lives.

In addition, the P4E course has been making a huge difference to the lives of ex-offenders on National Offender Management Scheme’s Achieve North West programme.  Our 16-week course comprises training and the opportunity to undertake paid work placements and is a chance for participants to prove that they have the skills and discipline required to return to the working world. To date, 19 individuals have successfully completed the programme and there are currently eight still enrolled on it.

Schemes like P4E are vitally important for vulnerable members of society. Getting a job in the current economic climate has never been tougher, especially if you come from a disadvantaged background. Recycling Lives gives people the chance to make a fresh start and we hope to continue transforming the lives of unemployed people all over the UK in the months to come.