Recycling Lives Health & Safety manager hits the 10 year mark

Tom Carysforth-Nadin, Recycling Lives’ Health and Safety Manager, has just celebrated 10 years since returning to the company.

Whilst working for Golden Hill Garage, Leyland in 1995, Tom’s job was to buy service parts and second-hand car spares from the nearby Leyland Brake Company; a business later acquired by Recycling Lives.

At 17 Tom was offered a job with us; faced with the opportunity to double his weekly wage he began his new role stripping scrap cars for the company. Soon after, this role was extended and he started working behind the counter, serving customers and selling new car parts. Over the three years that followed Tom learnt the essential skills needed for a career in the scrap metal industry: cropping, baling, using burning gear, and driving the crane and fork lift truck.

Aged 21, Tom completed an engineering foundation year at the University of Central Lancashire, followed two years of a maths degree whilst working part-time for the company. He had to end his studies in 2002 when he ran out of money, and he returned to the company as full-time manager at Leyland Brake Company – a position he held for the next three years.

Early in 2006, Tom was redeployed to the Kent Street depot, where he helped Alasdair Jackson to implement the new Pinnacle system and get all of the parts in stock. He took on the role of stores supervisor and became the yard manager in 2007, a role he held for two years. In 2009, he finally took on the job of Health and Safety Manager.

Tom has done well in all his roles, but the position of Health and Safety Manager has really given him the opportunity to excel. Since 2008, he has been accumulating the skills and qualifications needed to become an outstanding Health and Safety expert within the recycling industry. He is currently a technician member of IOS and is working towards becoming a graduate, then a chartered, member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, at which point he will be able to register as a Chartered Health and Safety Consultant.

In addition to all his technical qualifications, Tom is also a first aider, a fire marshal, a NVQ assessor and a personnel manager. He also holds an NVQ Level 4 in Waste Management, meaning that, along with his Health and Safety expertise, Tom is qualified to run operational yards.

Tom’s commitment to Recycling Lives has been exemplary and he is a great example of an employee that has taken advantage of new skills development to progress within the company. He has played a vital role in building the company’s reputation as a leader in Health and Safety standards in the recycling industry and we are proud of him.

Some of Tom’s colleagues wanted to take the opportunity to share their thoughts on his career with the company:

From Steve Jackson OBE, Founder and CEO:

“Tom is a superb example of a loyal employee that oozes integrity and commitment to Recycling Lives. It is clear to see that whilst starting for the company in what would be described as a stage one job, he has taken advantage of the available training to progress into a management position. I’d like to thank Tom for his dedication and support.”

From Charlie Jackson, former CEO of Recycling Lives:

“Obviously I remember Tom’s early days with us. From a quiet shy boy, he’s grown in skill and knowledge but remains, of course, a quiet man.

“After a year or so with us, Tom said he wanted to study and develop his career. I can’t remember how many staff we had at the time but I know that we were busy and needed to keep key staff – even then, we could already see how invaluable Tom was. When Tom went off to University, he stayed with us part-time. Thankfully, he returned to us full time and has, since then, been key in developing the business. So, thanks, Tom: I, for one, really appreciate your years of service.”

From Alasdair Jackson, Recycling Lives Operations Director:

“It has been a pleasure to see Tom’s development over the last ten years. He has worked from entry level through various roles to his current Health and Safety position. He has been a credit to himself and the company and is shining example of what can be achieved within Recycling Lives.”

From Geraldine Hoggarth, Recycling Lives Communications Executive:

“I’ve worked with Tom for just over a year in the Compliance and Health and Safety department. Originally, we sat opposite each other and would get the occasional ‘Tom & Geri’ comments, which still make us laugh.

“Tom is one of the most thorough and meticulous people I know both in and out of work. On a more personal level, he contacted me a couple of times when I was recently off ill. When I came back, he continually checked my welfare, and I know it wasn’t just for the Health and Safety paperwork! He is extremely thoughtful and can also deliver a great one liner.

“You can also guarantee he is going to be a great dad too! Congratulations Tom on your 10 years at Recycling Lives.”

From Robert Jackson, Recycling Lives Training Manager:

“I’ve worked with Tom for nearly six years: when I started at Recycling Lives, I was in packing at Autobreakers and Tom was the yard manager. I’ve always known Tom to be a fair manager and, as I’ve come to work alongside him in the roles we both hold today, I know he is a fair and hardworking colleague.

“With a good sense of humour, Tom’s able to make light of many situations while holding on to his professional image. He is an integral part of the company and an employee who shows that Recycling Lives is a place where developments can be made both personally and professionally, as long as you’ve got the right attitude and company loyalty.”

From Philip Tuson, Recycling Lives Leyland Yard Manager:

“I worked with Tom for about two years at Kent Street. He was brought in to help turn the yard round and he was a nightmare to work with as he wanted everything doing right! But, as time passed we started to work well together and have a laugh too. Congratulations on your 10 years, Tom!”

From Simon Green, Recycling Lives Training Department:

“Although I’ve worked for the company for just short of eight years, I’ve only worked with Tom for around four of those, from when he first got transferred from Leyland yard to Kent St to become the car spares yard manager – no small task! Since I started working with Tom, he’s been really helpful and supported me in various ways with my own progression within Recycling Lives.

“I’ve also had some good times with Tom outside of work, at various parties round his house and at work-related events such as the “Christmas Do”! Like a few others from work, I’ve also enjoyed some good days out with Tom on the bikes – despite the fact that he’s sometimes a little hard to keep up with!

“Well done on getting to 10 years Tom (even though he’s done more years but over two different innings!) and here’s to 10 more!”