Recycling Lives gets ahead of the game with unusual donation

There have been plenty of calls for Jimmy Carr’s head following news of the comedian’s involvement in a tax avoidance scheme last week, but now the Recycling Lives charity stands to benefit as a 13-foot replica of the comedian’s head goes on sale!

The striking model, which featured in the adverts for Walker’s Crisps’ ‘Jimmy Con Carne’ flavour during last year’s Children in Need, was purchased by Ribble Reclamation when owners Paul Johnson and Dale Sumner spotted it in a model-maker’s workshop. The generous duo have now decided to auction off the unusual item on eBay in order to raise funds for Recycling Lives.

Speaking about the strange purchase, Paul Johnson commented:

“The model is handmade and cost about £70,000 to produce, so when we had the chance to buy it for £2,000, I just thought it was a good deal. It’s always been a talking point at the yard when customers see it!

“With all this stuff in the press about Jimmy’s tax affairs, we thought it would be nice to try and flog it on eBay to make a few bob for charity. It’s what it was made for in the first place, after all.”

Adam Ainscough from the Recycling Lives Marketing Department,  commented:

“While we’ve received generous charity donations from companies in the past, this has to be the most unusual one we’ve had so far. We’re pleased that Ribble Reclamation have chosen to auction it off, though, rather than giving it to us – I’m not sure we’ve got room for it here!

“It’ll be interesting to see if anyone stumps up the money for the head – it’d certainly make an interesting feature for anyone’s home or garden! We’re hoping that Jimmy Carr will spot it and decide to cough up, but it may be that there’s a big fan out there who’ll nab it instead. Either way, we’re really grateful for the donation and we look forward to seeing who wins the auction!”

The head will be on sale on eBay for the next week, with a reserve price of £3,000.