Recycling Lives 'Courage' Recognised by Centrica

A major client of Recycling Lives has recognised its unique business model with a Courage Award.
The recycling and waste management business was awarded by Centrica at its Procurement Awards for Values Excellence, held in Windsor on July 5. 

Recycling Lives partnered with Centrica in 2016/17, working with its Coventry division for British Gas' recycling WEEE, plastics, general waste and hazardous waste. It is delivering direct social impact from the contract by processing end-of-life gas meters for recycling through one of its HMP Academies, sustaining work opportunities for offenders.

Men at Category B prison HMP Buckley Hall are supported to develop skills and confidence in the HMP Academy, while undertaking the meaningful recycling work.

Mark Simpson, commercial manager: "It's great to receive this kind of recognition from a client - they're supporting our offender rehabilitation work simply by managing a waste stream and recycling through one of our HMP Academies. So this award is for all our great team in HMP Buckley Hall, for their hard work. We're grateful to Dave Boyle, Emma O'Donohue, Paul Philips and Jason Jagger from Centrica, for helping us to deliver this partnership.”