Recycling Lives acquires City Skips and recycling business

It’s good news for social business in the North West as Recycling Lives acquires the ‘City Skips’ business!

Located in the South of Preston, City Skips provides customers with a wide range of skip hire, container hire and recycling services. With 250 skips and five skip wagons in its fleet, this asset acquisition is a welcome addition to the Recycling Lives social business.

In line with its commitment to protecting local jobs, Recycling Lives has kept on all staff members, as well as City Skips headquarters in Bamber Bridge, so it’s business as usual with all friendly faces staying put. At present, representatives from Recycling Lives are stopping in for a face-to-face chat with as many customers as possible in a bid to discuss the new amalgamated business offering and answer any questions that regular clients might have.

Recycling Lives CEO, Steve Jackson OBE, commented:

“This isn’t the first time that we’ve been on the acquisition trail for skip hire companies. We commenced the purchase of one back in 2007 but sadly the global financial crisis happened shortly afterwards and so to protect employees’ jobs we had to walk away from completion, putting our skip hire ambitions on hold. Sadly, the new owner chose to change the name of his skip business to my family surname shortly after taking control, I can only assume this was done to create confusion to the public but his business is nothing to do with Recycling Lives or my family, despite having my surname all over his skips.

We’re taking the growth of our skip and waste management department very seriously in 2013 and buying the City Skip business is the first sign that Recycling Lives are on the acquisition trail again. The business will be rebranded with Recycling Lives ‘bright green’ colour as quickly as possible because I think the public and local businesses want to show their support for our social business, which fully sustains the Recycling Lives homeless charity.”

Employees at Recycling Lives’ thriving skip hire and waste management department are looking forward to meeting the challenges that the acquisition of the City Skips and Recycling business will bring, and to getting to know their new colleagues in Bamber Bridge.

Ian Drury, Recycling Lives’ Waste Department Manager, commented:

“The business acquisition of City Skips and Recycling’s staff, skips and wagons is a great new step for Recycling Lives. We’re looking forward to being able to deliver our great end-to-end skip hire, collection and recycling services to a larger number of customers than ever before.

“Customers can expect high recycling rates, excellent customer service, and GPS tracked collections to minimise unnecessary travel and promote even more eco-friendly working methods. As always, we’ll be looking at ways to draw social and charity-led benefits from every contract we win, in line with the Recycling Lives social business ethos: sustaining charity through metal and waste recycling.”