Recycling Lives help local churches in the Guild procession

Recycling Lives has continued its support of good causes in and around Preston by loaning a pair of curtainsider lorries – complete with drivers! – to the churches participating in the Guild’s Church Procession yesterday.

The procession featured floats by a number of Christian churches from Preston and the surrounding district. Thousands of local Christians came together to represent their faith in a colourful display around the theme of ‘The Living Christ’, making this year’s Guild celebrations a more spectacular display than ever.

Recycling Lives was more than happy to loan the curtainsider lorries to the Church Procession. As community-centric organisations at the heart of Preston and the surrounding areas, the Churches help to bring people together, and act as a vital lifeline to many of those who find themselves in need.

The delivery of the lorries was arranged by Recycling Lives’ Financial Director, Paul Finnerty, and the lorries themselves were driven by Recycling Lives’ transport department team members, Dave McFadden and Pawel Stefanski.

Father Chris Loughran, the Parish Priest at St Clare’s Catholic Church in Fulwood commented:

“The school and church of St Clare’s and Corpus Christi Catholic Sports College have the pleasure this Guild Week of welcoming ten of our dear friends from the refugee settlement in Hodovo, Bosnia to join us in celebrating the Preston Guild. Central to those celebrations is the Churches Procession and we are all extremely grateful to all of the people at Recycling Lives for their generosity in providing us with two trucks and drivers free of charge to use as floats in the Procession.

“The ethos of Recycling Lives, of helping those in need to rebuild their lives, chimes so very well with the support that we provide to our friends from Hodovo and reflects the very best of the Christian spirit of Preston and of the Guild. I hope that the experience of the Preston Guild will uplift and inspire our friends from Hodovo to greater things and that such an opportunity exists is in no small way thanks to our friends at Recycling Lives.”

Reverend Helen Higgin-Botham, from Fulwood United Reformed Church, echoed his comments, saying:

“Fulwood United Reformed Church have been happy to work with St Clare’s church inpreparing for the Church procession through meetings and workshops. However thiswork would have been in vain without the generosity of Recycling Lives in donating the vehicles and drivers for the procession. We are also very grateful for their support during the setting up of the float.

The URC world development programme ‘Commitment for life’ works in partnership with Christian Aid and The World Development Movement and encourages churches to take action, pray and give for people across the world. It is good that we have been able to work with a local organisation also committed to helping people in need.”

Deputy Headteacher Mr D Botes, from Corpus Christi Catholic Sports College, echoed his comments, saying:

“It is absolutely fantastic that the spirit of the 2012 Guild was alive through the partnership of Corpus Christi and Recycling Lives. The outstanding generosity of those at Recycling Lives allowed the students from our community to have an experience that will last them a life time! It is fantastic to see business and community working together and we are extremely grateful for the support and help we received from Recycling Lives”

As an organisation that’s proud to be based in the heart of Preston, Recycling Lives is pleased to have been able to help out in the Guild’s Church Procession. And, with one of our scrap cars appearing on Age UK’s float in this Friday’s Community Procession, we’d like to think we’re showing our community colours!