Out of this world TV Recycling broadens horizons for former Recycling Lives’ employee Lincoln Leech

Down to earth Lincoln Leech, an integral part of the Recycling Lives team for more than 10 years, retired in 2014 to pursue his passion for astronomy and antique telescopes. Since then, he has been hard at work applying his specialist skills and knowledge of the recycling industry by creating, or restoring, exceptional telescopes.

His intuition for creative problem solving, thriftiness and a great work ethic are skills he has applied successfully to create and restore unbelievably clever Telescopes, using materials stripped from both Flat Panel Display (FPD) and CRT units by Recycling Lives.

The first telescope created (or rather, recreated) by Lincoln was originally a 1760’s Captain’s telescope whose main barrel had been completely obliterated by shrapnel (we like to imagine a captain-hook style battle on the high seas).

The 60 Inch scope was reconstructed using Acetate from a flat screen TV, which was reformed into a cone capable of capturing the faint light of stars and beginning the refractive process forming the image seen in the eye piece.

It was then set in fiberglass and decorated with antique leather, and later sold to an antiquity expert in California for an undisclosed fee.

The second telescope, created entirely from recycled materials from FPD and CRT units is a masterpiece designed with ease of use in mind.

If you’re familiar with telescopes, you’ll be aware of the sometimes lengthy and frustrating process of focusing on our celestial neighbours.

Well, not with this star performer…

A Telescope created by former Recycling Lives Procurement Manager, Lincoln Leech, completely from recyclable material found in FPD and CRT TV’s.Using tubes, lens shades, Acetate and other materials found in TV’s, Lincoln hand-

built the telescope with the user in mind, testing at every opportunity to ensure that the finding and focusing process was one of simplicity and ease.

As a result, Lincoln’s great work has helped Recycling Lives enter an exciting and new market through the export of Flat Screen TV’s to America.

2016 is shaping up to be a stellar year for Recycling Lives, and with Lincoln’s latest developments, we’re sure it will be astronomical for him, too.