Now you see it, now you don’t!

This amazing photograph is the work of art student Sara Watson. Sara is currently studying for a Rock degree in drawing and image making at the University of Central Lancashire. With its close links to Recycling Lives, the university contacted us immediately when Sara asked where she could get a car to paint.

Recycling Lives was only too happy to help in donating the Skoda Fabia for this fantastic piece of work. The masterpiece, which sits proudly at the entrance to her art studio, took three weeks of hard work, armed with just a spray paint can and a lot of imagination Sara Lives has created something quite special.

Here at Recycling Lives we recycle thousands of end of life vehicles every year and ensuring cars are correctly disposed of is important and we feel proper recycling is the only way to do it. We have to admit though – this is just as good and it certainly looks prettier than a block of steel!

Everyone at Recycling Live wishes Sara luck for all her future studies and if you need anything else to paint let us know!