Northern Powerhouse Partnership

Recycling Lives are excited to join over thirty other leading Northern businesses in a partnership with the Government to make the Northern Powerhouse a reality. We joined this partnership because we believe in the potential of the North for business and development, and we want that to be embraced by Government and investors. Joining this network of Northern Powerhouse partners is a way to show our determination to make Northern business more prosperous and dynamic. Recycling Lives are honoured to be part of the process that will put plans into motion to encourage investment and job creation in the North.

The role of the network is to focus on four key priorities: connectivity and transport; skills, science and innovation; quality of life and culture; and devolution. Our innovative business and charity model means we are well-placed to lead in the areas of skills, science and innovation, and quality of life and culture.

The Northern Powerhouse needs to represent the interests of all of our communities, and to achieve this, we must combine business enterprise, investment, and legislative support from government. We believe that all business activities should be directly tied to positive social outcomes. We generate these outcomes through our innovative social welfare programmes, and we want to ensure that this philosophy is at the heart of the Northern Powerhouse.

In the field of science and innovation, we can bring our proud commitment to 100% diversion from landfill. We are always researching innovative ways to make our recycling processes more efficient, and even better for the environment. For example, we are currently working with the University of Central Lancashire to conduct a feasibility study on small-scale energy from waste solutions.

Contributing to our knowledge in skills, quality of life and culture is the Recycling Lives Charity, which provides vulnerable and disadvantaged people with new skills and opportunities, in order to help them find their pathway back to independent living and improve their quality of life. We are an accredited training provider, and have a company ethos of upskilling and development. We not only help individuals, but whole communities as well: for example, our HMP Academy programme – providing offenders with work experience, training and employment – has so far returned over £3.2million in savings to society.

This network is a fantastic opportunity to share our vision for business and communities with other Northern businesses and with central Government. We’re part of several groups and taskforces that are dedicated to making business more environmentally and socially sustainable, including the new BITC Circular Economy Taskforce.

We have big ideas to bring to the table in the Northern Powerhouse network, and we are looking forward to sharing those ideas and releasing the full potential of Northern business.

Recycling Lives Managing Director Will Fletcher added:

"We are a massive believer in the Northern Powerhouse and see this as a great opportunity to work together across the Northern region to close the GDP gap with the South East. We are all painfully aware of the gaps in our infrastructure, which make it more difficult to travel between Northern cities than travel to London. As the government has invested successfully in London, we wish to see the same investment commitment to the North, creating significant momentum for long term growth in our region."