New CRC consultation announced

A new consultation on the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme has been announced, meeting the Government’s stated intention to review the design and operation of the scheme.

The CRC Scheme came into law in 2010, designed to incentivise large public and private sector organisations to take up cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities through the application of reputational and financial drivers.

Chris Huhne, secretary for energy and climate change, speaking at the CBI Climate Change Summit in London, announced that the government’s review of the scheme would focus on two key changes.

Firstly, the start of Phase II of the CRC scheme could be postponed until 2013, in order to allow the government to reduce the administrative burden placed on businesses.

Mr Huhne criticised the “Byzantine structure” of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) policy framework, saying it was “onerous for business, unworkable for government, and inefficient where it counts.”

He also announced the proposed exemption of 12,000 information declarers from the mandatory scheme, saying that enough feedback had been received to remove this obligation “without compromising the schemes environmental aims.”

The Carbon Reduction Department of commercial recycler and social welfare charity, Recycling Lives, works to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions, as part of the CRC scheme, providing a complete carbon reduction solution from initial consultancy to the supply of energy efficient products and materials.

Recycling Lives Carbon Reduction Department Manager, Steve Lauri, said: “Our service provides a complete carbon reduction solution that is already cutting carbon emissions and helping businesses meet their requirements under the CRC scheme and save money at the same time.”