Metal theft crackdown scoops award

The Metropolitan Police recently carried out Operation Ferrous, a crackdown on metal theft across London – and the yield was surprisingly prestigious!

In Croydon, South London, amid stolen bikes and telephone exchange batteries, something altogether more glamorous was found, reports SW Londoner: an Ivor Novello award! The award was determined to be a missing item from an office move 14 years ago.

Operation Ferrous has been working to cut metal theft. According to Acting Inspector James Coomber of the Met’s London Regional Intelligence Unit, such crime is down by half from this time last year and encompasses a range of different types of crime:

“Metal crime does not represent one single crime type itself but falls into one of five major crime types: criminal damage, burglary (dwelling & non-dwelling), theft from motor vehicle and other theft.

“Operations to disrupt this crime type, which is often committed by highly organised criminals, will continue to be developed and co-ordinated by the London Regional Intelligence Unit with the support of Borough and Specialist staff.”

The cost of metal theft is immense, and thieves cause major problems to communities when they steal metal. Whether it is lead from someone’s roof or copper cable from a railway, metal theft causes great inconvenience and disruption.

We are pleased to see that Operation Ferrous has yielded arrests and action on metal theft, and we are delighted that life will be made even more difficult for metal thieves when the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act is enforced in October.

Under this new law, cash transactions will be banned for all traders, including mobile dealers, which can currently pay their customers in cash. From October, this will change, and tougher licensing procedures will be put in place.

It is our hope that scrap metal theft will decline as a result, because there will be nowhere for thieves to take their stolen metal.

As an experienced recycler of scrap metal, we care deeply about doing things the right way, and we fully support the police and local authorities in their efforts to apprehend people who are not dealing with scrap metal in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Prestigious music awards aside, there is nothing glamorous about scrap metal theft, and we will continue to do everything we can to stamp it out! If you want to get rid of scrap metal and be certain it will avoid landfill and be processed properly, bring it to Recycling Lives.

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