Make it your business to recycle

Recycling, to many, seems just a normal, everyday thing to do; yet many businesses are missing the opportunity to save the planet, as well as some money!

Depending on the area in which they live, most people have at least one household waste bin and one recycling bin, and it is not too much trouble to separate all the recyclable waste from the rest before putting the domestic rubbish out for collection.

Yet at work, it’s a different story. Yes, some offices have notices on the walls to remind staff to throw paper into a separate bin, and posters up in break rooms to raise awareness of food waste. But as many as 80% of workplaces have no policy to ensure environmentally friendly procedures are followed, according to a survey reported in Plastics and Rubber Weekly.

Whilst comprehensive policies are good, it may be adequate for some companies to rely on the goodwill of green-conscious managers and employees. But many workplaces do not even sort out different streams of waste. Worse still, according to the survey, some are even prepared to engage in fly-tipping, which is dangerous, unsightly and illegal.

With the landfill tax currently standing at £72 per tonne and rising to £80 next financial year, it clearly makes strong business sense to stop throwing away good money after bad, and implement a green policy in the workplace.

It may take a little time to draft a policy but it is time well spent. Since time is money, if you are the director of a business, it is worth your while spending a few hours perfecting some procedures to ensure that staff pay more than just lip service to sustainability. The alternative: continue paying far more money than necessary.

One major part of becoming a more environmentally friendly workplace is to arrange for your recycling to be collected. You need an organisation that will take care of your waste, and make sure it goes where it should go, i.e. not to landfill!

For excellent service you can count on every time, choose Recycling Lives. We can deal with scrap metal, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and plastics, amongst other types of waste. We divert waste from landfill and ensure as much material as possible is processed for recycling or reuse.

We are also a social business, which means that we are dedicated to adding value to the community and the local economy in all our commercial activities. This commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is exemplified by our social welfare charity, which supports homeless people to find work and accommodation.

If you want to boost your own Corporate Social Responsibility, there is no better way to start than to hire Recycling Lives for all your waste management needs!