Landfill tax hike to hit environmentally unfriendly firms hardest

Businesses in the UK will be reassessing their recycling and waste management processes from this month as landfill tax rates rise to £64 per tonne.

The price hike, which comes as part of the Government’s continued push on materials diversion, means that businesses will have to tackle their waste management processes with renewed vigour if they are to avoid a sharp rise in their annual costs.

Representing an £8 increase from the 2011-2012 rate of £56 per tonne, the new landfill tax puts pressure on companies to seek more efficient treatment and recovery options. Waste experts are now competing with one another to offer companies advice on solutions that combine cost-effectiveness with the necessary level of legal compliance.

With its own in-house compliance department and a wide range of award-winning recycling and waste management solutions, Recycling Lives is able to provide its customers with an integrated waste management programme that will help them to keep in line with materials diversion targets, save money and remain compliant.

The Queen’s Award-winning organisation, which embraces a close-loop recycling process and boasts a >99% recycling rate, has already attracted a large number of high profile clients who are eager to improve their environmental agenda.

And, in addition to its environmental credentials, Recycling Lives offers clients the chance to improve their social responsibility agenda. The company, which runs its own social welfare charity, offering accommodation, work experience and training to homeless and unemployed individuals, uses every contract it wins to support its charitable objectives.

Many of Recycling Lives’ clients also get involved with the charity directly, offering work experience, training and, often, employment to the individuals who come through its doors. Because Recycling Lives encourages its Residents to demonstrate a solid work ethic and a pro-active approach to employment, many corporate partners consider them as very worthwhile applicants.

The primary aim of Recycling Lives is to be a win-win set-up; providing cost-effective, technologically advanced and environmentally sound recycling and waste management solutions, while benefitting the local community and society as a whole with its strong corporate social responsibility agenda. Clients can improve their own CSR profile simply by choosing to work with the organisation, which has long been renowned for its recycling expertise and ground-breaking solutions.

To find out more about how Recycling Lives could help your company to avoid suffering under the new landfill tax rates, contact Recycling Lives today.