Is your local recycling centre closing?

In one local authority area, three recycling centres will close by the end of May, affecting the residents who make use of them. What would you do if this happened in your area?

The closures have been implemented because of a review of the local authority’s recycling services; the consultation took place between October 2011 and January 2012.

County Durham will now have three fewer sites, and their other recycling sites will have altered opening hours from next month, but local residents still have plenty of choice because there are 12 sites across the county, many of which are open every day.

Residents can also make use of County Durham’s reuse schemes and mini-recycling centres, known as “bring sites”, which gives them further options for their waste disposal requirements.

At Recycling Lives, we understand that there will obviously be some people affected by these recycling centre closures in County Durham, but we hope they will not be too inconvenienced by the changes. The local authority has obviously given the changes some thought, since the consultation ended over a year ago.

Having recently made some changes to our own services, we understand the need for local authorities to maximise efficiency – not least because of their budgets. At Recycling Lives, we decided that our expansion would be best accommodated by moving our main scrap metal site from Red Scar Industrial Estate to the Recycling Lives Recycling Park.

When we did so, we knew that any potential inconvenience to our customers caused by the move would be outweighed by the decreased waiting times at the new site, which has two weighbridges, one of which is dedicated to wagons.

In fact, we moved the car depollution and stripping bays, and the tyre bay, to the Recycling Park, because of the extra space available. Not only will customers receive better service when they drop off their scrap metal, but they will also be able to enjoy a healthy bite to eat at the Recycling Lives social welfare charity’s social enterprise cafe, also located on site!

As a social business, our commercial operations directly fund our social welfare charity, which helps homeless people to find jobs and accommodation. Many of its Residents undertake work placements and training on our sites, and the social enterprise cafe has heavy involvement from Residents; one, a qualified chef, designed the menu!

Our dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility means that we care about boosting the local economy and sustaining charity in every area in which we operate. One of the ways we do this is through our Community Dotcom schemes, which provide a convenient service to customers throughout the UK.

Using our national schemes, people can dispose of high quality furniture, bulky waste, and scrap cars, simply by filling in a user-friendly form on a website. All of our Community Dotcom schemes support a range of charities, including the Recycling Lives social welfare charity.

So if you have any type of waste to dispose of, choose Recycling Lives and its range of Community Dotcom schemes!