In its tenth year, Recycling week is going on strong

Last week was Recycling Week, which took place with a focus on “recycling at home and away” – and it marked the tenth year of the initiative!

WRAP is behind the funding and co-ordination of Recycling Week, which involves providing a lot of promotional information to local authorities and businesses so that they can put on events in their areas.

The awareness-raising initiative originally started in 2003 as “The Big Recycle”. This year’s Recycling Week focused on packaging and food, as well as metals, plastics and textiles. Prior to its launch, it was praised by Lord de Mauley, the Defra Resource Management Minister, who said:

“Dealing with waste and recycling properly not only makes environmental sense but also good business sense. We’ve made great strides in household recycling and over the next decade we can look forward to doing much more to reduce waste in the first place.

“Reusing and recycling products and materials will also open up new avenues for UK businesses in growing domestic and export markets.”

Liz Goodwin, the Chief Executive of WRAP, commented on the major advances that have been made in the past decade, which have seen the UK’s recycling sector achieve a multi-billion pound turnover and create tens of thousands of jobs. She added:

“Given this progress, you may be asking whether we still need Recycle Week. The truth is there’s still more we can all do to recycle more things, more often – to capture more of the valuable materials that are collected for recycling in our own area.”

We agree with Ms Goodwin and Lord de Mauley. The potential to continue not only the sector’s growth but also the UK’s growth is there, and in our view, the industry cannot afford to miss any opportunity to keep recycling firmly in the public’s mind.

As a social business, Recycling Lives is always happy to advise people and organisations within the local community on recycling. After all, with over forty years’ experience in the sector, we know what we’re talking about – and we’re always keen to learn more about how we can contribute to the development of recycling and reuse in the UK!

As part of our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, which involves community engagement, we run a social welfare charity that helps homeless people to find work and accommodation. The charity is sustained by our commercial operations. Recycling has effects that reach beyond just saving waste – but that’s where it all starts.