Government must promote recycling locally and centrally

The Local Government Association’s new report “Wealth From Waste”, calls for central Government action to drive forward reuse and recycling in the UK.

But the Environment Minister, Lord de Mauley, thinks that local government should shoulder the responsibility for ensuring that people are doing their bit for the environment. Speaking at the launch of the waste review, he praised local councils for helping the UK’s recycling rate rise between 2001 and 2012 from just over 10% to 43%, but urged further work:

“It is important that we now work together to build on the successes already achieved. However, I note today that many of the recommendations you have made in the report are aimed at central Government.

“I am both surprised and disappointed by that. There are substantial roles here for industry, and of course a massive, game changing, role for local government. So let me ask you today what you are each going to do to take the standard of every local authority and bring it up to and beyond the standard of the very best.”

The LGA would like to see more central Government investment in recycling, which would include allowing landfill tax to fund the recycling infrastructure. They also suggest a ban on landfill for some materials, and would like to see producers contributing more towards meeting the costs of recycling.

Lord de Mauley encourages waste partnerships being formed between local councils, such as the Kent Waste Partnership and the Somerset and Dorset Waste Partnership.

For his part, he is also willing to contribute to a review by an LGA-initiated Reuse Commission. This will report on measures that local and central Government, businesses, and the Third Sector, could implement in order to promote reuse.

At Recycling Lives, we know that the current economic climate makes it difficult for everyone to perform the tasks needed to ensure as much waste as possible is reused and recycled. But we also know that the constraints faced by all agencies have the potential to foster creative solutions to waste management.

It is becoming increasingly important for producers of waste to demonstrate their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, especially if they want to form partnerships with other businesses and agencies.

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