Government bill gives boost to CRC department

Recycling Lives Carbon Reduction Commitment department has received a boost from the introduction of two new Parliamentary bills.

Announcements were made during the Queen’s speech of the creation of an Energy Security and Green Economy Bill and an Energy Bill, put together by the new Conservative – Liberal Democrat Government.

The purpose of the Energy Security and Green Economy Bill is to provide a change in the provision of energy efficiency measures, to homes and businesses and to put in place a framework to deliver a future with secure, low carbon energy supplies and fair competition in the energy markets.

Meanwhile the Energy Bill follows on from the low carbon transition plan, published in July 2009. This plan aims to deliver emissions cuts of 34 per cent from 1990 levels by 2020 and of 80 per cent by 2050, while maintaining security of supply, maximising economic opportunities and protecting vulnerable consumers.

The Recycling Lives CRC Department has recently achieved Stroma Accreditation and been registered on the Landmark database as a Domestic Energy Assessor.
The Landmark database is the official government database of accredited Domestic Energy Assessors and is available to the public and sector traders.

The Recycling Lives CRC assessors can now provide information on carbon reduction products and carry out independent assessments.

Martin Gore, Recycling Lives CRC Project Developer said: “The bill will help highlight the importance for homes and businesses to adopt these energy efficient changes in their normal day to day running. Awareness is vital, and making people understand how they can reduce their carbon footprint and their bills can only benefit our new division.”